A good broking platform can be worth its weight in gold but it can be difficult to appreciate the huge benefits it can bring with it until you actually make the move. One thing that is invariably true is that the best of the insurance platforms can be an expensive option for smaller brokers and the ongoing investment required to keep with the nationals can be exhausting – for you and your wallet.

We’re committed to delivering the best in systems to our partners and helping them to get the best out of them. It’s all part of our service so as an established brokerage there are no costs to you – we will even pick up the cost of the user license.

“I know my current system isn’t great, but I can’t afford to change and it’s so much hassle”

Changing trading platform can be a daunting prospect for many people, particularly once you have learnt to live with all of the foibles of your existing solution. But it doesn’t have to be a painful process and if done well, changing IT platform can make a huge difference to an Insurance broking business. That’s why we work with our partners to overcome any worries they might have about making the move and ensure that everything runs smoothly. We’ve got lots of experience with data migration, training and ongoing support all provided free of charge; we’re really passionate about helping our partners get the best that Acturis has to offer.

“Other brokers seem to have much better access to E-Trade quotes than I do”

More and more clients are demanding instant quotes and cover – particularly those with small businesses who are being targeted by the comparison sites and online retailers. E-trading through your broking platform can be a great way of handling these smaller cases efficiently and providing the service that clients expect. Not all systems are created equal when it comes to E-Trading and with seamless end-to-end processing (no re-keying) and over 100 different insurer/product combinations for commercial insurance, Acturis provides our partners with great support. It also enables our partners to provide quotations for personal lines products which they might not normally be able to help with. Acturis has 20+ Personal Lines Insurers writing motor and household covers so clients have plenty to choose from.

“Producing a client presentation that looks professional takes me hours”

Client communications – from Risk Registers to renewal reminders – can help get a small insurance broker to the top of the pile if they are done well. The opposite can be true if they are done badly and we know how important it is for our Partners to be able to produce great quality, professional, client documentation to really make an impression on their clients and prospects. We continually develop our Acturis documentation so that it doesn’t just tick the compliance boxes, it does a great job of really selling the benefits of working with our partners and the products that they have to offer. Acturis allows you to select the template that meets your needs and then populates it with all the policy and client information in the system so professional and comprehensive documents can be produced quickly and easily without the need to re-key any information. It integrates fully with Microsoft Word and Excel so you can make changes easily and send them on to your clients electronically or print if you prefer.

“I duplicate my client and policy information in excel so that I can understand what is going on – I can’t trust the system data”

We know that access to accurate and up to date information is vital for running a successful business, but sometimes it can be difficult to get what you need from an IT platform. How many quotes have I done this month? What does my cash-flow look like for next year? Can I get a list of all my clients who are a limited company but don’t have a D&O policy? Acturis has a comprehensive reporting suite built in which our partners have access to so the information is available at your fingertips (and easily exported to Excel). We also regularly send out reports to our partners and are happy to provide any bespoke information that is required if you don’t fancy delving into the reporting suite – whether it’s a list of prospects for a new business campaign or an analysis of the types of insurance sold and your average premiums – you can lay your hands easily on the answers.