What is InBusiness SME?

InBusiness is a range of Momentum products, facilities and bespoke arrangements which we are developing for our partners. The range includes Motor Trade with LV and XOL with CNA Hardy – we have now added an SME offering with AXA.

We have added the AXA policy information, including trade appetite, for the e-trade products to The Box. You can access them here.

In addition to the product benefits on The Box, you can find some general benefits of InBusiness SME here.

What next?

The team is open for business! We will automatically obtain new business quotations for you. Acturis users – if you have an Etrade quotation that needs some discounting to write with AXA you can refer it over to us.

We are working through the renewals process and have started offering renewal terms with AXA already but this process will develop over the next few weeks.

We’ll shortly be providing you with the following information, which will help you to promote the benefits with both your existing clients as well as your prospects.

  • Client facing materials, which can be suitably branded, promoting the facility
  • Upcoming renewal lists highlighting policies that could benefit from InBusiness
  • Detailed FAQs

If you have any queries just let me know or contact one of the team.

Matthew Brunton
0116 238 8885